Rapid Prototyping

Modern software tools allow for rapid development of systems and ideas, the increasing number of frameworks allows for prototyping complex systems quickly and efficiently. In most cases these prototypes can be enahnced to provied production ready systems and templates. This service can be used for grants, proof of concept or market research activites.

Big data solutions

Working with large data sets is now common place and having an understanding of the tools available and when to use them is critical. Not only should the tools be the most cost efficient but reliability, speed, scalability and repeatibility also need to be considered. Selecting tools your team is already familiar with is also a key factor.

Scientific applications

We support the local Cambridge economy by working with the many science based companies in the area. Our team have a strong education in science but more importantly understand the language and tools needed to develop systems that scientists want, leaving you to worry about the real science.

CTO On demand

Many small companies cannont afford (or need) the full time commitment of a Chief Technical Officer CTO, for this reason we offer a consultative CTO role - allowing your key staff to discuss key IT issues as and when needed. The broad range of technologies we cover will allow us to work closely with your internal teams.

Technology Agnostic to Deliver Right Solution

We believe the system should be built to fit your needs not built on the latest hype, our experience allows us to pick the right technology for you.
Below is a list of technology areas we can deliver in.


Cloud, dedicated server or in-house ?

Amazon, Digital Ocean or dedicated hosting, which to use ? Every use case is different, we can adivse based on practicalities, cost, growth and audience. We have delivered services on all major cloud or managed infrastructures and understand the subtleties between them, allowing us to select the best solution for you.


Big, SQL, NOSQL or Graph ?

What is Big Data, when should you consider graph databases and who is backing up your data are but a few questions in aspect of data service selection and management. Having worked on big data platforms, clinical management systems, ecommerce sites we understand what you need to use when, what the issue are likely to be and how to avoid them


Mobile, Responsive, Native or Desktop ?

Mobile first ? That is considered the current best practice for ecommerce / standard web sites but what about when reviewing complex scientific data, large amounts of text or multiple interactive components ? We always try to create responsive applications (work on mobile and laptop), however we also understand when this approach simply does not work.


How secure does your application and data need to be ?

Data security is an increasing issue in the connected world. We maintain a close eye on latest developments and vulnerabilities and use industry standard tools to secure your key data. Sometimes running a server in-house behind the firewall is the best solution, sometimes allowing restricted access via IP's can work and sometimes it needs to be relatively open.


10 users today, a million tomorrow ?

We appreciate you may currently be a small team with big ambitions, we can advise on tools and technologies to use to create an infrastrcuture that will grow with you, maximising your return on investment, keeping initial running costs low but allow for easy scaling when the time comes.


Develop API's, tools and interfaces for large stacks

Complex systems require multiple components for them to function efficiently and creating clean and extendable interfaces will allow greater felxibility and integrations. Opening up your services to third parties and consuming other apis are other items to consider when constructing your stack

Our Team

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